Do you know the man who became a millionaire for giving tithes? know about this amazing story

Many years ago a 16-year-old boy was forced to leave his house because his father was so poor that he could not support everyone. So he put everything that belonged to him in a bag and began his journey to New York with the dream of one day starting a company of soaps for personal health.

This young man from the countryside arrived in the big city, he saw that it was difficult to find a stable job. Remembering his mother’s last words, as well as the good advice of the ship’s captain, this young man dedicated his life to God.

He determined to give his Creator a tithe of every dollar he earned

So, when he earned his first dollar, the young man dedicated his first ten cents to the Lord. This continued faithfully. And the dollars began to enter. In a short time, this soap producer became a partner with another soap producer. When this partner died a few years later, this young man became the owner of the company.

It was when this prosperous businessman gave instructions to his accountant to open an account in the name of “Jesus” and credit him with a tenth of all his income. And his business began to grow miraculously.

Then the young man began to dedicate double (two-tenths of his income). Then three tenths. Then four-tenths, five-tenths. It seemed that their sales increased proportionately exactly according to the percentage of their income that was returning to the Lord. In a short time, God made his last name a well-known name in every house worldwide.

This was a man who is always remembered and known everywhere worldwide for what he did. His name? William Colgate Founder of the world-renowned personal care products company (Colgate Palmolive).

What changed his life, was not the amount he gave, It was the willingness in his heart to give everything to God and in return. For that reason, God placed him in a place of excellence.







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