Do you feel lonely? You have to read this


These words echo in the mind, resonating in the most painful places of the soul. I know what it feels like to step aside and let the wave of darkness arise, grow and crash on your inert body, because it is strong, you feel weak and you don’t even know where to look for a lifeguard.

Many have felt the silence of loneliness. The despair of crying and screaming, wanting someone to listen to you, but not finding anyone when you wonder who you should tell.

I know the twinge of the word «depression», how it hits you with all the force of its weight, feel the desolation, a desert of great emptiness. “I get it. And you are not alone ».


“You are not alone”

For the young woman who walks through the halls of her school, feeling painfully out of place, skipping lunch and retiring to the library because she doesn’t want to eat alone in the cafeteria, you’re not alone.

To the young woman who bears the “unloved” label, because she doesn’t believe her face, clothes, hair or personality are up to par, you’re not alone.

For that young woman who was recently surprised by an unexpected break, feeling that she lost her identity and her best friend, removing photos from her Instagram partner, you are not alone.

For the young woman overwhelmed by a secret, an unfortunate decision she made and that could change everything, a decision about which she cannot articulate her words, a decision that wonders if she should always keep hidden … you are not alone.

“You are not alone”

For the young woman who is simply trying to navigate her day without the weight of an inexplicable sadness that stops her on her way, paralyzing her, preventing her from moving forward, freezing in place with tears running down her cheeks, you are not alone.

For the young woman who struggles with an issue that is considered unacceptable in our Christian community, a problem accompanied by hundreds of questions, a problem that wants to eat her alive, you are not alone.

For the young woman who feels abandoned by her family, forgotten by her parents, who yearns for constant love and support, who longs to belong, laments the loss of significant relationships and bonds, you are not alone.

For the young woman who did something that torments every inch of her being with bitter regret, something that feels completely unforgivable, you are not alone.

To the young woman betrayed by her best friend, and now doubting that someone wants to be her friend, you are not alone.

For the young woman who wonders what it would be like to give up, you are not.

God knows everything about you

You are deeply known, fully understood and unfathomably loved by God. He is there, in your disorder, tears, pain and despair. Right there, in your desolate place. And He is not going anywhere.

This is not a band-aid that you can hit in your wounded heart. This infallible truth can change everything for you.

He knows you, He sees each of your movements with loving eyes. He understands all the angles and aspects of what you are experiencing, and none of them, not a single fragment of them, needs to be hidden from Him.

Read the (Psalm 139:1–6) slowly, allowing the goodness of these truths ordained by God to breathe hope into your soul. You are not alone.

God surrounds you, puts his hand on you, and even before you feel pain, He knows it. Even before you believe in the enemy’s lie that you are alone, He is there.


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