What does the disorder at home mean?

According to studies the accumulation of things and disorder in the home are related to different aspects of people’s lives as fear of change, fear of being forgotten, and symbolize confusion, lack of focus, chaos, instability and could mean uncertainty about your goals, your identity or what you want out of life.

In addition, the place of the house in which clutter or accumulation meet reflects which area is problematic in your life.

The disorder affects our lives in all aspects – relationships with others, our family, work, personal and spiritual life.

We are attentive to these details that usually go unnoticed but that somehow confront us and make us a call of ATTENTION to how we live our lives daily and if we please God with our way of life.

On Disorder, American writer and speaker Louise L. Hay says: Make room for the new Yes, make room for the new. Empty the refrigerator, throw away all those remains wrapped in foil. Clean cabinets, dispose of everything you have used in the past six months. And if you have not used it in a year, decidedly that is too much in your house, so sell it, change it, give it away or burn it. Cluttered and cluttered closets reflect a disordered mind. While cleaning the closets, tell yourself that you are cleaning your inner closets.

God is a God of order and if you want Christ to dwell in your home, ORDER YOUR HOUSE

1 Corinthians 14:40 Let all things be done decently and in order

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