Did you know that the Bible warned about the coronavirus plague?

One of God’s main desires, in addition to living our lives for Him and being saved, is that we can obey all that he left us written in His word.

Obedience is one of the main things pastor and faith leaders teach to most believers when they start a new life in Christ.

We know that our highest authority is God, and that if we submit to his word, this will bring blessing to our lives. As for disobedience, it’s the opposite.

We cannot forget the fact that every action brings with it a consequence, whether bad or good. This statement also applies to the Scriptures. We can observe it in Leviticus 26.

According to a Rabbi, only in the first five books of the Bible (the Pentateuch) there are 613 commandments. We can know more about them by studying the Word of God.

Being so many statutes, we may not know them all because they are so many. Among those, there is one very important. You can find it in Leviticus 11:13-19.

The coronavirus from a biblical point of view

God spoke about those birds that his people could not eat. At present, different cultures throughout the world have sought strategies to “improve” their gastronomy by making dishes with animals that are not very well seen as a “food.”

Sometimes, this may not be very good, because many of these creatures are not healthy for our body.

If we analyze Leviticus 11:19, we can observe that among the birds that God forbids ingesting, is the bat. Recently, a worldwide controversy has arisen due to the appearance of a terrible pandemic which is known as “coronavirus.”

Some people speculate that this terrible contagious disease originated because of this mammal; In some countries of the Asian continent, this small animal is consumed in a dish.

When the subject of the bat is put into context with Leviticus 11:19 and what is written in Leviticus 26: 14-46, where God shows us the consequences of disobedience, everything could make a little more sense.

It can also be a sign of the end times

While it is true that the origin of the pandemic may be related to signs of the end times  shown in Matthew 24 (verse 7 talks about the plagues that will come), God is also clear about what can happen to us if we do not obey his word.

Information provided by experts states that bats transmit infectious diseases to humans; such as measles, flu, mumps, encephalitis and pneumonia.

Although all animals, including the bat, are God’s creation, and he was the one who stated we can eat them, it is clear the in the Bible that the bat is not among those animals God allowed us to eat.

God is fair, and all his judgments are, too (Psalm 119: 137), so we can be sure that everything He does has a reason.

Obeying the word of God not only guarantees that we are going to receive blessings,it also make us understand that his will is always better than ours. He always wants the best for his children.

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