Should Chistians watch horror movies?

Some Christians believe that horror movies are devil work, or at least that they open the door to him. With this on mind, let’s think about what the Word of God says in Ephesians 4:27, “and they don’t give space to the devil.

Can Christians watch horror movies?

Many people take this verse for as anti – horror, supporting Christian’s belief that they should abstain to watch this type of contents.

However, are the terror movies so bad? Putting aside all the genres, including the faith and biblical ones, the horror films have been considered by the critics and directors of movies, as useful for the Christianity, people’s faith fight, and even for showing the epic battle between the good and the evil, where the good always triumphs.

Soctt Derrickson, director of  ‘Emily Rose’s Exorcism’ and ‘Free us from the Evil’, is one of the best known horror directors in the last times; and he also is a Christian practitioner.

Derrickson said ‘For me, this genre offers more openly the supernatural events that really exist. I know it confronts the issues of the good and the evil more than any other genre. It distinguishes and articulates the essence of the good and the evil better than any other one. My feeling is that many Christians refuse this genre, just because it’s not pleasant for them.

The Bible has a lot of warnings against consumption of impious contents. Besides Ephesians 4:27, Psalm101:3-4 and Philippians 4:8 can be also used to support the idea that Christians must not watch horror films. But even it seems slightly probable, some horror movies demonstrate from de spiritual point of view, how the forces of darkness work, and on the other hand, how the people of faith (who represent the good), can beat them.

If we take into account the subjects that are explored in so many terror films, the point of view of the Christians who argue that it’s perfectly possible to watch some of these pictures, is right.

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