Can women be more tempted than men?

God created women with characteristics other than men; however, women possess qualities that sometimes make her more likely to be tempted than men.

Can women be more tempted than men?
Can women be more tempted than men?

While men are more visual, women are more auditory

For this reason she likes to be flattered, and receive praise from those around her. That’s why Satan, in the same way that he seduced Eve, will try to seduce women today, making them feel undervalued in their homes.

Women are more fragile

The fragility she represents does not directly symbolize weakness, but says how delicate she is. That is why the woman must feel cared for, protected and above all things loved by her husband, so that Satan does not take advantage of her, tempting her through adultery.(1 Peter 3:7).

Women are more sensitive

She goes through several stages (daughter, wife, mother) that make her perceive life with more sensitivity. This means  it goes through a problem, she becomes more susceptible to anguish. Thus operating the enemy’s plan, trying to make her an easy target of depression.

Women are more expressive

She likes to be heard and have her opinions taken into account.

When there is no attention from the husband, the woman becomes more likely to feel ignored in the relationship. So it is necessary that she does not stop what she feels, because by keeping things in her heart, she can become contaminated.

The woman is a powerful weapon in the hands of God

The woman has the potential to overcome all temptations, with the help of God, He put qualities in her that demonstrate how wonderful she is.

That’s why the enemy wanted to defeat her, but as long as she gets up in prayer, God will free her from all temptation

The word of God says that the Lord put in her the strength to step on Satan’s head (Genesis 3:15).

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