5 Tips to evangelize your friends

5 Tips to evangelize your friends

Mark 16:15 reminds us that we are called to share the gospel with everyone. However, some people can find quite difficult to share Jesus with others. If you are one of those, here you have five simple tips that can help you evangelize those your age.


  1. Tell them about the gospel

Although many of us know this, some people still do not know how to present it. The gospel can be easily summarized in John 3:16. Romans 10: 9-10. It is a great guide to the next step, in which you need to repent of your sins through a salvation prayer. As for the prayer of salvation, you must pray with them so they can accept Jesus in their hearts. Your friends must repeat after you the prayer to accept Jesus as their Savior and Creator. If this step makes you nervous, remember that God does not seek perfection when it comes to prayer. He understands and looks at the heart.

  1. Share why Christianity is the right way

For you to catch your friend´s attention, it is important for you to focus only on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Don´t waste your time explaining why other religions are the wrong way, instead, you have to explain why Christianity is the best way. You can explain other religions another time or if your friends ask you about it. There are many religions that agree with the Ten Commandments. Use this as a way of relating to your religions and show him how this system given by God has helped society to know what is right and what is wrong.

  1. Share your testimony

Many believe that if they have not had a past in which they were addicted to something, they do not have a testimony. However, they do not realize that there is a testimony because temptations are part of this world. That is more difficult than just adjusting to the norms of society. Testimonies are our personal experiences. No one can refute it because it is special for each individual, even when we go through similar circumstances. Let them know how Christ changed your life and how you became the person you are now.

  1. Be honest if you don’t have all the answers

It may be embarrassing not to have the answers, but we must remember that we are not perfect and that only God has all the answers. When someone asks you a difficult question, just be honest and tell them you don’t know. Tell him that you will respond once you know the answer. It will give you credibility and the person will trust you more.

  1. Live like Christ

You are a living testimony of Christ. How you act, what you say, who you interact with and even how you behave, everything reflects how others will see you. If you want to reflect the light of Christ, then they will also want to do the same; Be like Jesus. Many people will notice a difference in you because you radiate love and kindness, two beautiful qualities.

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