5 steps that will help you be more patient

Patience is the ability to suffer and tolerate, and also the ability to withstand misfortunes and adversities or even things that annoy or offend us, with strength, without complaining or rebelling.

In the life of a believer, it is defined as that trust that God is working in the midst of that problem; it is knowing how to wait in the time of the Lord.

These 5 steps will help you develop your patience:

Write: When I talk to you about writing everything, I mean everything. What kind of process are you living, what are you waiting for, what results do you want to see, how do you feel in the middle of this moment of your life. You can start a diary and set your goal to write EVERY day.

Read: Reading seems boring, but believe me; when in the midst of all these circumstances you are facing, you take time to read, time becomes less dense and allows you to see beyond what you are waiting for. Reading has many benefits, not only for your mind and your intellect, but also for your heart and your patience. Find a topic that you are passionate about, something you want to learn, something you want to deepen, and read.

Pray: I know that many will say that this point is very religious, but no, you are wrong. For me, prayer is literally a conversation that I have with my best friend, with that person who understands everything that I live, feel, yearn for, and who listens to me without getting tired and who acts thinking only of my well-being. Talking to God in the middle of every moment of the process will allow you to see beyond the wait, and will allow you to find beauty in the process.

Have fun: We human beings have a bad habit of getting bitter very easily, and I am guilty of it, I recognize it. But in the middle of the wait, when I decided to stop getting bitter, I started having fun. I find reasons to let go of what troubles me, and that fills me with happiness, and you can do it too. Music plays a very important role for me, when it comes to having fun; find songs that lift you up, that fill you with joy and make you think of good things. Have fun.

Leave everything in God’s hands: Remember that every thing that happens has a reason, and many times we do not have to understand that reason, but if we leave God the space to work, without questioning his times, you will feel a lot closer to Him and much quieter. You will feel at peace.

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