5 simple ways that will help you find your way back to God

After many battles and struggles from life, you could feel that your strength is not enough to go on. This tiredness can cause you, without knowing it, drift away from God.

Due to the fallen world life sometimes gets harder than you expected to have victory over every situation is being near you heavenly Father.

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It is times to come closer to Him more than ever. That’s why here you have five (5) simple steps that will help you to revive your relationship with your heavenly Father. If you follow them, you will experience how your soul, spirit, and mind connect once more to God.

1.Talk to Him

Talking to God is the best way to start. When you pray, you open up a way that will connect you with Him. Don’t look for fancy words when speaking to Him, just say what you really have in your heart. It is really important that you be honest and real. God knows everything, He knows what you are going through, but He wants you to tell Him, just as a father waits for his child come to him.

2. Read the Bible

After you told God everything that was in your heart. You have to prepare your heart to listen to what God wants to tell you. The Bible is the written Word of God. He will use it to tell you His will for your life.

3. Listen for Him

Once you read the Bible, it is important you to take a few minutes to meditate on what you just read. Ask the Holy Spirit to open our ears to hear God’s answers and guidance. Remember that you are having a conversation with  God. You talk, he listens; then He talks and you have to listen as well.

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4. Obey Him

After that beautiful momment, it is now the time to put into practice tha things God’s told you through His word. Although sometimes it is not that easy, when you decide to obey God, you will reach a new level in your spiritual life. You will become stronger in spirit, integrity and mind.

5. Give thanks at every moment

When you open your lips to thank God for all the things he has done for you, you show  your Father in Heaven that your heart is grateful. This enables you to receive more from Him to you.

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