What does Bread represent for Christians?

What does bread represent for Christians?

Bread, besides being one of the people´s favorite food, for Christians has a deeper meaning.

The bread of life

Bread is more than a universal fare. This common and delicious food has different meanings in the Bible. One of them is “Life“, it also represents the relationship between God and the Israelites and the relationship between Jesus and his followers.

Jesus Christ called himself “the Bread of Life”. This definition gave this word a striking meaning both for those who believe and for those who do not.

What are the purposes of bread in the word of God?

God’s dependence to satiate our hunger: When Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden, God commanded Adam to work and “sweat” for the bread they had stopped eating; Which reminds us that we depend on the Father to feed us (Genesis 3:19).

To show hospitality: Abraham shared the bread with his visitors as a show of hospitality and Jesus used it for his disciples to have communion with each other; therefore, this food is a sign of solidarity too.

Covenant with God: the offerings that were made to the Creator in the Old Testament were grains and bread on the altar, in the New Testament this was the guarantee of a new beginning in God’s relationship with humanity through Jesus Christ (Luke 22:20).



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