Our life

Our life

An old carpenter was ready to leave his work. He talked to his boss about his plans to leave the Home Building Industry and live a more pleasant life with his wife and his family. Although he would miss the wage, he wanted to give up.

 The boss was sad because a good employee was leaving the industry. And he asked his employee a personal favor; it was to build the last house. The carpenter agreed and started happily the building; however, as time was passing by, he lost the interest in doing that favor in a good way. He, as a professional, knew very well his labor, but he decided to finish the house with poor quality construction materials. It was the worst house he had built in his life.

Once the carpenter finished the house, his boss came to inspect the work done. When he entered the house, he happily said to his employee “This is your house, my gift to you”

What do you think the carpenter thought at that time? Yes, you are right, he thought that if he had known that house in construction was going to be his, he had used the best materials.

Believe it or not, the same can happen to us.  God is the owner of the company and he wants us to build a house, and that house is our life. It is a gift given from above.  We must build it with the best materials which are the meaningful things that surround us: family, friends, work, etc.

 So, think twice when you are doing something. Think about your house. Do it with love and the best you can. This is the only life you will build. That´s why you have to make sure you are building it with the correct materials.

“THE LIFE IS A PROJECT OF SELF-CONSTRUCTION”. Your life today is the result of your past attitudes and decisions. Your life tomorrow will be the result of your today´s attitudes and decisions.

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