Adolescence is not a sickness

Adolescence is not a sickness
Adolescence is not a sickness

It is true that adolescents can exasperate us, but we have to remind that adolescence is not a sickness. So that the question is, what we can do to have a better relationship with our teenagers?

We have to remind adolescents need:

1)    Understanding

 Understanding their bodies are changing. They are children in transition. The hormones in their bodies are constantly changing making different humor sense. They are confused about their sexuality, identity, and what they want to be. Even thought they look physically tall, emotionally they are immature and that is why they will have children’s answers. So then understand them.

2)    Acceptance

They need acceptance from their friends. This is so important because teenagers will do almost all to be accepted in their friend’s group.

Now, you may think I am exaggerated. But I tell you this because the pressure of feeling accepted is so strong that they could do crazy things, like: dying their hair, acting weird, smoking cigarrettes, or even having sexual relashionships. So, if you can help them, do it.

Teenagers need also acceptance from their fathers. Bless them with your appreciation and interest in what they do. Stop focusing only on bad actitude about them, it is also important to focus on the good things they do. Look for the positive and express them your acceptance. They will never tell you, even though they in inside die for being accepted by mom and dad.

3)    Clear Answers

Never make a limit without give them a concrete reason. They need to hear a clear reasons every time you say NO.

“Because I say it”…this response will not work.

“Because I am your father and you have to shut up”. You will not earn their respect.

“Because I pay the rent, light, and this is my house”… This statement will destroy your relation.

“Because I control the car’s key.”… This reasoning will not result.

Instead of this kind of statement, you can say this:

1- You cannot start a sexual relashionship because you are too young and inmature to solve problems. Imagine the gilr gets pregnant, What are you going to do to sustain her and the baby? You are a student. If you take your  relashionship to another level you would get responsabilities before the right time. Instead, it would be better for you to finish your education, prepare personally, professionaly and financially, buy a house, and once you are ready, find a good girl to marry her and both form a family.


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