Young woman with brain death by a headshot reacts after his father’s prayers

A 29-year-old young businesswoman surprised everyone by showing signs of life after doctors previously confirmed her brain dead.

Karina Souto Rocha received a gunshot on February 1. Her ex-boyfriend tried to kill her when she refused to restore her love relationship with him. The man committed suicide after shooting her.

Karina was taken to the hospital emergency with three bullet impacts; one in the face, another in the chest and in the abdomen. Doctors confirmed brain death on February 3.

However, despite the medical diagnosis, Karina’s father, José Rocha Cardoso, 56, believed her daughter would come back to life.

«The doctor called me and said that her condition was irreversible. The evidence proved that there was nothing else to do, but in my heart, I felt that she would not die, ”José said.

In an interview with a local broadcaster, José said he really believed that God could do a miracle in his daughter’s life.

Miraculous answer

Karina’s father had a miraculous answer. Her daughter began to show signs of life again, just when the medical devices she was connected to would shut down.

The medical team surprised, when around 2 pm, a nurse went to the room to turn off the equipment and realized the businesswoman waved a hand. Surprised, the nurse started talking to Karina and the businesswoman responded moving her head.

They said she could not make it because doctors thought she was dead, but God did the miracle, he brought my daughter back,” José said. “I was out here, talking to God and asking him to come in there and resurrect my daughter.”

After Karina gave new signs of life, doctors made news studies where they discovered that she had indeed returned from the state of brain death. Then, she was taken to the Intensive Care Unit where she remains hospitalized.

«Today her state of health is still serious, but she has been recovering little by little. She opens your eyes and understands everything we speak, the only thing is that her speaking abilities have are not working yet, but it is a matter of time. She is breathing with the help of devices, but the pressure and heart rate are normal. Everything is fine with her, ”José explained.

This man of faith took advantage of the interview to send a message of hope to people who need a miracle.

«The angel of the Lord will walk through this hospital, will manifest in the life of these people who are out there, hospitalized and in their homes, trust in the Lord. You, who are in need, God exists! God is alive! “He declared.


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