Young Christian survives after 49 days adrift in the ocean


At the age of 19, a young Indonesian survived 49 days of drifting in the Pacific Ocean. The Coast Guard found him in a fishing cabin, which serves as a floating trap for fish.

Aldi Novel Adilang, 19-year-old from Indonesia, rescued by crew aboard

In early july, strong winds unleashed the moorings of the hut, which was anchored by a long rope and floated by large buoys. However, Aldi Novel Adilang remained adrift until he was rescued on august 31 by a japanese boat near the coast of Guam island.

In an interview, Aldi  stated that he often believed he would not survive. He saw about 10 boats pass by, but none came near to rescue him. In addition to shouting loudly, he used a low-frequency radio to broadcast SOS requests.

The brave young man said that his food supplies lasted a few days and that he survived by fishing and burning some of the wood in the hut to cook his food. To drink water, he “filtered” water from the sea through his clothes, minimizing salt intake.

What is more amazing about Aldi’s story was his faith. The young man stated that he remembered the advice he always heard from his parents to “pray in times of distress”. He also read the bible that he took with him to the fishing hut and helped him to “stand firm” until he was rescued. This was determined to be a true miracle of God.

Aldi’s mother, Net Kahiking, asserted that at all that time the family didn’t give up believing that he would return home. “We surrendered to God and continued to pray a lot.”

The boy returned home to the city of Manado after recovering in a hospital in Japan.

Aldi Novel Adilang, 19, on board the boat that rescued him
Aldi Novel Adilang with his family


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