Wuhan Celebrates Discharging Its Last Coronavirus Patient (VIDEO)

Emotional images of patients and medical staff at Wuchang Fangcheng Hospital taking their belongings and leaving the facility have been released.

The medical staff celebrated effusively after all the patients were discharged from the temporary hospital.

Last Tuesday, doctors at the Wuchang Fangcheng Temporary Hospital in Wuhan celebrated the discharge of their last patient.

This “makeshift hospital” was built with the aim of attending to the Chinese population that presented symptoms associated with Covid-19.

After all the patients who were in the place received their treatments, the staff was happy to discharge all their patients. This means that the place will close after having fulfilled its functions successfully.

The hospital has specialized medical supplies to treat people infected with the virus.

After completing their work and the final patient recovered; everybody took their belongings and left the place. In the end, they captured a photo in celebration of the many lives saved thanks to early medical intervention.

Reports from China

China has reported declines in contagion cases in recent days. So the World Health Organization (WHO) determined that Europe is the new focus of contagion.

After the last patient left, the temporary hospital was disinfected. They also reported that essential goods and services companies have been authorized to re-operate in Wuhan.

Measures such as work from home have advanced in order to return to activities normally.

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