World’s first artificial intelligence audio Bible launched by Christian app

The Christian meditation app Soultime released the world’s first-ever audio version of the Bible read in its entirety by an artificial intelligence voice.

World’s first artificial intelligence audio Bible launched by Christian app.

Mark Wagner is the founder of Soultime. It is an app for Christian meditation. Its purpose is to give users ‘Calm’ and ‘Headspace’ through daily Christian meditations. They try to encourage relaxation and relieve anxiety.

When you open the app, it plays sounds of nature such as the wind and birds chirping. It includes a daily “mood check” and features calming music and voices who guide users through themed meditations.

Following development of this new app, the makers said:

“Soultime evaluated a range of text-to-speech platforms but found Google’s Wavenet the most natural sounding. However, because the Bible text is extremely complex, Soultime had to work hard to modify the basic reading to create something that both sounded natural and was truly enjoyable to listen to.”

“AI readings have some great advantages. Having developed the initial version, further versions can be easily produced in different accents, genders or languages. Also as text-to-speech voices improve over time, the readings can be easily updated.”

“There were a lot of teething problems in development. One of the most comical issues was with the most famous of all Psalms, Psalm 23. Wavenet for some reason couldn’t pronounce “for his name’s sake” properly and insisted on saying “for his name’s saké” – as in the Japanese alcoholic spirit. Maybe it tells you something about how the Silicon Valley elite spend their time!”

Source: Premier/The Christian Post

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