Witchcraft or fashion? The details in Maduro’s wrist (PHOTOS)

Over the years, hundreds of people claim that Venezuelan leaders and authorities have a close relationship with pagan practices, and that there is evidence to support this.

Nicolas Maduro wearing the bracelet that has caught the attention of the media.
Nicolas Maduro wearing the bracelet that has caught the attention of the media.

The relationship between Chavism and the Yoruba religion is well known, and on many occasions, Nicolás Maduro, the current president of Venezuela, has been peppered with such speculation.

Chavism is a leftist ideology and political movement that emerged in Venezuela around the figure of Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, who was president of the nation years ago.

From the times when Chávez Frías was in power; to the present day with Maduro Moros, it is believed that politicians have become involved in these practices.

Nicolás Maduro’s “strange”  bracelet

On different occasions and during press conferences, the main Venezuelan president has been seen wearing an orange and yellow bracelet; which is very similar to the artifacts used by the Santeros.

However, this jewel does not have the typical beads of this type of bracelet. Instead, it is a very colorful fabric.

Some people think that it may be something that he wore while he was a disciple of Sai Baba or that it is simply part of his personal jewelry.

In September 2019, it was one of the first times that Maduro caught the attention of the media by wearing this bracelet.

Months later, in November of the same year, the same thing happened. And recently, specifically on March 26, he was seen wearing the garment.

So far, the origin or true meaning behind this bracelet is unknown.

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