WHO issues global alert for the first case of “Coronavirus” in the US

A man from Washington is the first case of coronavirus in the US, a deadly disease that has spread from China leaving 9 dead.

The man has been hospitalized since his arrival from a trip to China.
The man has been hospitalized since his arrival on a trip to China.

The man lives in Seattle, and apparently has been hospitalized since last week after returning from a trip to China; Your condition is not very favorable.

Alerts for the rapid spread of the virus have already been ignited worldwide, and there are many questions that all people are asking at this time.


The coronavirus is a family of viruses of unknown origin that has been going around since the 1960s. Its symptoms range from a common cold to severe pneumonia, accompanied by abdominal tumors.

It is said that coronaviruses are not dangerous, and that they can be treated in an effective way. It’s present in both humans and animals, and is named due to its crown-like appearance.

There have been 3 epidemiological outbreaks caused by this virus. The first one in 2003, with SARS-CoV that caused 700 deaths in China, the second is MERS-CoV in 2012, in Saudi Arabia, and its lethality was 35% with 800 deaths, and on the present day we have 2019nCoV, which is expanding dangerously through several countries.


Its contagion is very limited, but in humans it occurs through breathing or by the saliva expelled when someone coughs or sneezes. It is said that camels are probably a source that reserves this virus with great power, as specified by the WHO (World Health Organization).

However, it is unknown how camels can transmit this virus, but it is believed that it originated in bats and was transmitted to other animals at some time.

There are 13 types of this virus, and the most affected animals are dogs, cats, calves, pigs and rats.


Runny nose, cough, headache and throat, fever, chills and malaise. It is known that in an advanced stage of the disease it starts to develop abdominal tumors. So far, there is not  a vaccine available.


Yes, it has already taken the lives of 9 people, but its mortality rate is not as fatal as that of the SARS virus and its 700 dead.


Wash your hands frequently, do not touch your eyes or nose without first washing your hands, and above all, avoid contact with people who are infected.

The search for what Coronavirus is, has widely increased  due to the global alert issued by the World Health Organization this week, so there will be a rigorous review at each airport in each country.

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