Coronavirus: What Christians are doing in China amid the chaos caused by this virus

In the midst of the terrible time that the citizens of China live, Christians made the courageous decision to preach Christ. Due to this, they impacted the lives of many people around the world.

After leaving hundreds of deaths and thousands of infected people, the coronavirus has become a global threat which has led many people to panic.

But for Christians in Wuhan, where it is found the greatest number of people infected, this moment is an opportunity to share the gospel with others.

According to reports, members of a ministry called “Heart Cry“, directed by the well-known pastor Paul Washer, go out every day to give hope to the Wuhan citizens.

Christians evangelize in the streets, giving free fliers and masks to anyone who needs it, in order to help people not to get the virus.

The fact of buying protective masks has become a bit complicated, so believers deliver them with no cost. Besides,  they give a word of faith, encouragement, and hope.

People are more open to the gospel

Logo of Heart Cry Ministry

According to information, a letter issued by a Chinese pastor, even political authorities, who normally ban Christians from spreading the gospel, have been more open to the faith. They now see it as the only solution.

An important aspect of the believers in Wuhan is that those who do the evangelistic work stand out from the crowd for wearing yellow safety suits. This helps them not to get the virus.

Risking their lives by preaching the gospel, the Christians of the nation have earned the respect of many for their great courage.

Many of them are exhausted as well as doctors who work hard to fight the disease and help those who are infected. That’s why it is important the God’s people support in prayer at all times as they go through this hard situation.


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