“We survived Pharaoh, we will survive Coronavirus,” says Israel’s Prime Minister

After announcing new measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic, the Israeli prime minister gave the nation hope through a biblical teaching that reflects victory over adversity.

The Prime Minister gave hope to the nation by giving these statements.
The Prime Minister gave hope to the nation by giving these statements.

Recently, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister of revealed the new restrictive measures that will be implemented to combat the Covid-19.

Among the new regulations are prohibited: All non-essential purchases, excursions to public and children’s parks, and leaving the homes more than 100 meters away.

Authorities have also closed the Temple Mount and Mahane Yehuda; Jerusalem’s iconic open-air market.

To raise awareness among the nation’s inhabitants, the prime minister quoted Deuteronomy 4:15 and explained: “I say this as clearly as possible: You must stay at home! Stay home, stay alive. Danger lurks for everyone… Pay close attention to yourselves”.

However, Netanyahu also offered a ray of hope by remembering the Easter holiday, accompanied by the biblical account of the victory of the Israeli people over Pharaoh in the time of Moses.

“The exodus from Egypt reminds us that our people have weathered fierce storms. This gives strength. This gives hope. We survived the Pharaoh, and though the battle will be hard and uncompromising, we will also survive the coronavirus, with God’s help and with his people, citizens of Israel,” he said.

So far, Israel has reported approximately 2,600 people infected with the virus and 8 elderly Israelis who have died from it.

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