VIDEO: Pastor receives prophecy about the arrival of COVID-19 months before its appearance

A prophetic word unleashed by a pastor almost at the end of last year may now be being fulfilled with the arrival of the pandemic that is currently raging in most countries of the world.

The sermon corresponds to September 1, 2019, months before the Coronavirus appeared.
The sermon corresponds to September 1, 2019, months before the Coronavirus appeared.

In September 2019, Pastor Jeremías Maldonado, during a sermon, unleashed a prophecy that God had given him.

While giving a message focused on the second coming of Christ and the importance of holiness, the minister encouraged the church to walk on the principles of salvation.

But apart from this, almost at the end of the message, Maldonado talks about a revelation that God gave him some time ago.

At that time, the purpose was for the church to prepare for what was to come, remembering the imminent coming of Jesus Christ. Now he presents it as the fulfillment of this prophecy.

Recently, the sermon was uploaded again by the pastor, on different platforms, and he has described in the titles that the word unleashed six months ago when this recording was made refers to the Covid-19.


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“God showed me a plague of mortality”

“I said, God showed me something. And when I tell him that God showed me something, it’s because I’m not making it up,” Maldonado said on that occasion, affirming that the revelation was true.

“God showed me something so terrible. I don’t know how it leaked into this country, because the borders are supposed to be secure.”

“Pero Dios me mostró una plaga de mortandad; los enemigos de esta nación. Vi como que alguien infiltró un virus aquí”, afirmó el pastor. “Yo miré tanta muerte… Eso era un virus incontrolable”.

The preacher claims that this is only a sign of what God showed him. But that apart from this, God revealed to him the resource so that God’s people could be protected from this threat.

Maldonado explains the function of the blood of Christ to the church as an instrument of protection for this virus.

Sign before the end

Certainly the pastor’s message was based on preparing the church for the second coming of Christ.

At one point in the sermon he mentions how the signs announcing his return are being fulfilled.

“There is a day when the Lord will come, and you must be prepared for that day,” advises the minister.

It is undeniable that this event will be fulfilled at any moment, and that the signs that are fulfilled and are more and more constant, announce that the times are getting shorter and shorter.

Therefore, the church of the living God must be prepared, and the word of Pastor Jeremías Maldonado is timely for these moments.


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