VIDEO: How the lungs of a COVID-19 infected person deteriorate

These images show how, unlike common forms of pneumonia or the flu, Covid-19 destroys the lungs across the board.

The pandemic causes irreversible damage to the lungs of the person who contracts the virus.
The pandemic causes irreversible damage to the lungs of the person who contracts the virus.

Thanks to the information provided by doctors and experts, it was possible to conclude that the virus is much more aggressive than other diseases that cause respiratory problems.

Recently, videos have been released showing the deterioration of a person’s lungs when the Coronavirus infiltrates them.

According to information provided by experts, this area of the body is the most affected by the virus, and it can leave irreversible damage in a person if he or she manages to recover.

A clear example of the aggressiveness of the Coronavirus and its effects are those patients in China who recovered from it, but with 30% less lung capacity.

“It is quite alarming to see this, honestly,” reveals an expert who explained the case from a video uploaded by the Univision website.

The website El Heraldo de México also dealt with the issue and with the help of Dr. Marco Polo, who is a pulmonologist, they explained the subject in a more understandable way.

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Raising awareness

On the other hand, doctors hope that by disseminating these images, they will succeed in raising people’s awareness so that they understand the seriousness of the issue.

“I would like people to see this and understand the damage to the lungs. The severity of the disease,” the expert explains.

“And maybe they’ll think twice before having a party at home, or going out where there are large groups of people,” he concludes.

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