VICTORY! Messianic Believers in Israel Win Persecution Case After Years of Attacks Over Their Christian Faith

A group of Jews from Israel won the trial against them after attacks by other non-believers towards their beliefs in Jesus.

Beit Hallel entry blocked by ultra-orthodox group Yad L’Achim.

The attacked Ashdod-based congregation has won the case in Israel after receiving a case from an organization called Yad L’Achim, which was harassing Jewish believers in Christ.

They harassed us for so long

This organization, in addition to the attacks, was dedicated to trying to prevent other people from attending worship services in Beit Hallel, which has an attendance of more than 300 people.

“They harassed us for so long. We filed dozens of complaints with the police and nothing happened so eventually we went to court. We won the court case just a few days ago,” Ludmila Zakharchuk, the lawyer for Beit Hallel said.

The court that handled the case prohibited Yad L’achim from being within a safe distance from the group of Christians and from the place of congregation; It also prohibited them from using loud music to silence worship services as well as not taking photos of attendees.

Likewise, the organization was required to have adequate permits by the authorities to carry out a protest.

They destroyed their church

The Beit Hallel group says they have been harassed by the organization since 2011 and attacks became even stronger in 2018, when a group of anti-Christian Jews completely destroyed one of the churches.

Yad L’achim from its website constantly attacks Christian Jews and admits its intentions to close the Beit Hallel worship centers as well as promoting meetings that intensify the “destructive activity” winning praise from the city mayor for wanting to “purify the location”.

“In January 2020 they organized a large anti-missionary convention here in Ashdod with more than 30 rabbis and, from that point, they started to come to our congregation to harass us every Friday when we have our meetings,” Zakharchuk said.

Compliments for cleaning up the city

“In the beginning, right after the convention they were maybe 10 people. They made some noise, had public prayer and prevented people from entering our building,” Zakharchuk said.

“Then they raised the amount of people who came to harass us to 30, and then they started to send busloads of people from Bnei Brak with 50 or more people. On Purim they came with loudspeakers and distributed leaflets. It just got worse and worse, with noise specifically intended to disrupt our service. This went on until the coronavirus lockdown,” Zakharchuk added.

As they were quarantined, the attacks ceased, but once certain sites were unblocked, the persecution increased, harassing children as well, so the Israeli courts had to take part in the case due to poor protection by the local police.

Believers ask for prayer for their congregation as they wage this “warfare.”

Source: CBN News

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