Utah Teacher Fired after Telling Class ‘Homosexuality is Wrong’

A Utah elementary school fired a substitute teacher after she allegedly told the fifth-grade students in her classroom that “homosexuality was a sin”.

This episode happened during pre-Thanksgiving classroom lesson where students were expressing why they were thankful. So, an 11-year old student expressed that he was thankful he was going to be adopted by his two fathers.

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According to the students, the woman said: “Why on earth would you be happy about that?” And for the next 10 minutes, she lectured the 30 kids about her own views, how “homosexuality is wrong” and “two men living together is a sin.” She looked at the boy, too, and told him: “That’s nothing to be thankful for.”

Some of the students told the substitute teacher to stop but apparently she didn’t, so they left the classroom and went to complain to the principal.

The school confirmed the incident in a statement to ABC News on Sunday.

Daniel was the boy who received the answer from substitute teacher. He is in the process of being officially adopted by Louis van Amstel.

Van Amstel said his son to be told the class that he is thankful for his two fathers.

The former Dancing With the Stars pro could not wait to share his opinion about the experience his son had at school.

“So this just happened, we got a call from Daniel’s school. The substitute teacher asked all the kids what they’re thankful for, which is sweet, right? Just before Thanksgiving. Well Daniel — and I got choked up when he said it — he is thankful that he’s finally being adopted by his two dads,” van Amstel said in the video. “The substitute teacher was giving her very clear opinion about two men is wrong, homosexuality is wrong and yeah so you can imagine that set us off. And we are not letting this go.”

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The staffing company that employed the substitute also confirmed on Monday that she had been terminated.

“We are concerned about any reports of inappropriate conduct and take these matters very seriously,” a spokesperson for the agency said.

“We conducted an investigation and made the decision to end the employee’s relationship with Kelly Services.”

Source: CBN News



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