UNUSUAL: They held a Coronavirus-themed wedding and ended up infected

Recently, a couple held their wedding party with a rare and controvertial theme and the worse part of it was the unexpected end. According to users of different social media platforms, the way this wedding party ened was the “karma”.

The wedding organizers apologized soon after for using this controversial theme that caused inconvenience.

Last Saturday, March 14, in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, a couple decided to celebrate their “virus” style wedding; making reference to the pandemic that currently plagues the planet.

The guests use masks and other medical equipment in order to math with the theme of the wedding.

The company that organized the wedding, Novella Wedding, prepared to those gathered at the place a small space under the name “BARmacia”; It had syringes full with alcoholic drinks.

On social networks they joked that those objects that contained the alcoholic beverage were “preventive measures“.

However, what no one expected was that this theme would come true. After the celebration, they reported that people who attended the event ended up infected with the virus.

A total of 500 people attended the wedding, according to information provided by the El Farandi portal; around 150 were from Spain. After the event, more than 15 people tested positive for Covid-19.

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Discomfort and apologies

Some people showed rejection to what the bride and groom and the organizing company did because they celebrated a party with the theme of a virus that became a pandemic. It has infected hundreds and killed thousands.

According to other sources of information, Novella Wedding apologized for what they caused.

Dear customers, allies and suppliers, The Novella team deeply regrets the organization of the activity called BARMACIA that took place at the wedding on Saturday. It was it our intention to mock the serious situation that the world is going through with the spread of COVID-19 ”, you can read in a part of what the company wrote.

So far, more than 300,000 people have contracted the disease and more than 13,400 have died from it.

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