UNEXPECTED: Man shoots pastor during worship service

A man who entered a Sunday night service shot a Brazilian pastor. After the attacked, the pastor received help immediately and church members to stop the man while the police arrived.

The incident took part at the Assembly of God Temple of the Angels Church. The man was identified as Werley Silva Souza, 30, who declared that the reason he entered the Church was to steal.

However, authorities said that the situation didn’t seem to be a robbery because the man went specifically after a victim.

In the video, Silva was shooting at the victim and was trying to kill him at all times. He was chasing him make the shot.

Although there is no more information about this event, authorities said that Silva had a drug trafficking record.

Silva was detained in the first district of the town of Mogi das Cruzes and the police were in charge to continue investigating the case.

The worship service was broadcast on the internet, so everything was recorded on video. Silva approached to shoot the pastor directly, and as he saw that the whole congregation was going to stop him, he tried to shoot another pastor who was close to the one who was giving the sermon.

Thank God the pastor who was shot had no severe injuries and the other pastor and church members were ok. They said it was Jesus who saved them from death.


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