Unbelievable! A transgender man gives birth to his first child


Fernando Machado (born in Venezuela as María) and Diane Rodríguez  (born as Luis) are known by social networks as the first transgender man and woman who gave birth to a baby. The boy is four months old and still has no name, although the followers of the couple call him ‘Caraoto’.

A transgender man gives birth to his first child

The couple declared, “Our son is the greatest revolution of love”. The objective of these is to “educate society to be sensitive and to understand their love”.

“Everybody believes that transsexuality is all about genitality and it is not like that. The mere fact that I have gone through a surgical and hormonal process no longer only compromises the gender, part of my body is compromised and that makes me want the other sex, so I am already a transsexual person,” he added.

The pregnancy of Fernando occurred in the third week of conjugal cohabitation of the couple. In one of the visits to Fernando’s doctor, he recommended him not to forget that she was a woman, the couple recorded him and the video went viral in the social networks, obtaining a public apology of the hospital for being accused of ‘homophobia’.

Diane tries to be recognized as an ‘activist mother of the transgender family’ because she wants to have more children and continue making herself known. He says that prostitution and getting away from his family is part of the past.

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