UK Prime Minister thanks Christians who prayed for him while ill: “It certainly seems to have worked!”

A few months ago, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom made news because he tested positive for covid-19. The politician was hospitalized, but thanks to his fast recovery, doctors discharged him.

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

However, in this opportunity, the head leader of the nation, Boris Johnson makes news for his act of gratitude. The minister openly thanked Christians who prayed for him while he was sick.

On Tuesday, Johnson spoke at the National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast, which was broadcast live from the Houses of Parliament.

Christian politicians from all countries of the UK, from the Commons and the Lords attended the activity.

It included a pre-recorded message from Mr Johnson, in which he said: “Right now, with services suspended, congregations scattered, even the simple act of coming together to pray can be another hurdle to overcome.

“And while work goes on to reopen places of worship safely, it’s been absolutely inspiring to see churches respond to the lockdown, as they have, with true Christian values. They have reminded us all of their role as pillars of their communities, reaching out to bring hope, peace and practical care to those in need.”

“Thank you so much for that and thank you also to everyone who prayed for me during my recent illness, it really was appreciated. It certainly seems to have worked! This has been a difficult time for many. But as ever, our churches are helping to show us the way, so keep up the good work,” Johnson said.


Source: Premier.Christian News

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