Ugandan moms sue a missionary for allegedly causing their children to die

Renee Bach, an American missionary from Bedford, Virginia, is the founder of Serving His Children (SHC), a nonprofit organization created to combat malnutrition in Uganda. After giving her efforts to help children in need, she is now facing legal procedures due to accusations from Ugandan moms who believe she caused their children to die for pretending to be a doctor.

Ugandan moms sue a missionary for allegedly causing their children to die

 The lawsuit was initiated by a group called Women’s Probono Initiative and two moms who blame Bach for the death of their kids. Women’s Probono Initiative on behalf of Gimbo Brenda and Kakai Annet, said in a release the following:

“In their case documents, the mothers allege that they were led to believe that Ms. Renee Bach was a ‘medical doctor’ and that her home was a ‘medical facility’ as she was often seen wearing a white coat, a stethoscope and often administered medications to children in her care. When their children died however, they were told that Ms. Renee has no training at all in medicine and that in 2015, the District Health Officer had closed her facility and ordered her to not offer any treatment to any child.”

“The Women’s Probono Initiative and the two women are thus alleging that the actions of Renee and SHC led to the death of hundreds of children amounting to violations of human rights including violation of children’s right to access adequate treatment, the right to health of the children, the right to life, the right to be free from discrimination on the basis of race and social economic standing and the right to dignity, freedom from torture, inhuman and degrading treatment,” the statement continued.

Lauri Bach, the U.S. director of Serving His Children, gave a response confirming many points. However, she added that Renee Bach never “presented herself as a medical professional, experimented on or caused the death of any child.” She also attributed those deaths to “severe acute malnutrition.”

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