U.S. restaurant offers free food amidst national cash shortage

Feeling the strain of the national currency shortage, a Chick-fil-A location in Lynchburg, Virginia, offers customers free food in exchange for coin rolls. Any customer who brings in $10 in coins in exchange for $10 in paper bills receives free meal vouchers as a thank you.

Christian restaurant, Chick-fil-A

The offer comes after the U.S. Mint issued a statement last Thursday, urging Americans to “start spending their coins” after thousands of people have stopped using cash and establishments are refusing to accept coins and dollar bills in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Until coin circulation patterns return to normal, it may be more difficult for retailers and small businesses to accept cash payments,” the Mint said in a statement. “For millions of Americans, cash is the only form of payment and cash transactions depend on coins to make change.”

As for production, the Mint said it has operated at “full production capacity” since mid-June, “minting nearly 1.6 billion coins during the month of June.”

Hoping to boost the use of the coins, a resupply of its own warehouse, a Lynchburg Chick-fil-A is handing out free food stamps to any customer who brings in $10 in coins in exchange for $10 in bills.

“We’ll thank you with a Chick-fil-A card for future purchases,” the post says. “Any combination of $10 coins is accepted. Limited time offer until the need is met. Maximum of 10 coupon cards per guest.”

In comments, the quick service restaurant described its “delusional fans” as “awesome” and called its response to the coin unit “overwhelming.”

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