TV presenter incites audience not to believe in God by saying “You don’t need his help”

Through a television program, host Chris Cuomo stated that “you don’t need God’s help.”

Presenter Andrew Cuomo during the broadcast.

During the culmination of his “New Day” program, Cuomo said that “you don’t need help from above to do things right,” but that it is enough with ourselves so that things can have the desired change.

“You don’t need help from above. It’s within us,” he said on the show.


Although he calls himself a “self-proclaimed believer” and publicly asks for help from “the God of the universe”, the journalist constantly makes fun of the Lord and what it means to be a Christian.

One of the most memorable incidents was in 2018 when he made fun of a prayer for the wave of shootings that were going on at that time:

“You make fun of those who lost their loved ones, because if you think about it, you’d never walk away from any of them without finding a better way to deal with them.
The liberal anchor turned to God.
“What about prayer? Do you think leaving it to God is the answer? We pray for strength, we pray for wisdom, we pray for resolve, but clearly we don’t want to act on any of these,” he said, adding, “So what are you praying for?”

Chris is a journalist that has formerly worked with ABC and is now with CNN. He has a brother and his own father who are fully involved in US politics.

Obviously, host Cuomo’s advice is wrong in making us believe that human beings can be fine without God and without his help to live a life based on what our mind and conviction dictates is “fine.”

In addition to touting a somewhat selfish concept regarding those who need our help in pursuing personal good.

Those who believe in Christ know that without God it is impossible for the whole of humanity to exist, and without His help nothing can be done, and that they must live to help others above personal desires.

You must do the things that show that you have really changed your hearts and lives. – Matthew 3:8


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