Turkey threatens Israel over annexation plans, “There will be consequences”

From Turkey, the Minister of Religious Affairs promised that he would mobilize the entire “Islamic Ummah” if necessary not to allow the annexation of Israel.

Ali Erbas, Minister of Religious Affairs of Turkey.

Ali Erbas, who presides over this ministry said that he will mobilize the entire Islamic Ummah (people who believe in Islam) if necessary to avoid the annexation of the West Bank to Israel.

The Turkish leader spoke during an online conference with other Palestinian academics about the decision, concluding that “Muslims will never give up a blessed city.”

“We will not give up”

He said that “Jerusalem is a universal value and that “Islamic civilization has a memory of historical knowledge and values, and that it is never possible for Muslims to give up on the blessed city.”

His views echo those of Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, who told a recent June 10 executive committee meeting that Turkey was putting its full support behind Palestinians against Israel’s annexation. “The ummah [Islamic community] will never give up on a sovereign Palestinian state with Quds al-Sharif as its capital.”

Erbas’ statements go hand in hand with those of Turkey’s Foreign Minister Melvut Cavusoglu, who said the Islamic community “is going to its Palestinian state.”

This leader, also a professor, is trying to embrace Palestinian causes to mobilize the Middle East to be one against Israel, this is a military campaign that they compare to “Jihad” (Muslim duty) and those who are against it are called “atheists and infidels.”

Currently, it promotes an idea of “blessed war” to promote the conquest of the territories, to which the country’s government has tried not to interfere in matters of religious stature but which has been increasingly penetrating the national interests.

“Conquest expresses a great ideal and moral value in Islamic thought; it is a blessed struggle,” he wrote on his Twitter alluding to this thought.

Similarly, the official promotes his opposition to the plans because he considers his people in the eyes of Israel to be “scattered and weak”, translated as a reminder to the Holy Land of what has already happened in history with respect to the Crusades.

“There will be consequences”

“This plan destroys all hope of a lasting peace in the Middle East,” said Erbas, who has also allowed the Hamas group to be welcomed into his territory to go against Israel.

“If the occupying power crosses the red line, we the Muslim countries must show that this will have consequences,” he concluded

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