Trump apologizes “for not loving his enemies” when exhorted during Prayer Breakfast 2020

A great exhortation was achieved to all those attending the 2020 Prayer Breakfast, where the message of loving enemies became the goal that put Trump to reflect.

The president said “to be doing the best he can” in trying to love those who persecute him.

Between Trump and the president of the Senate, Nancy Pelosi, there is a clear rivalry in terms of political parties and ways of making decisions, so the president of the United States speaks about it during his conference shift.

(People of faith) like people, and I’ll be honest, they sometimes hate people. I’m sorry. I’m trying. When they impeach you, it’s not easy. I’m trying my best,” Trump said.

The conflict between faith and political hypocrisy in the US UU

Trump referenced to Pelosi without naming her since both have very often disputes and are always in a kind of conflict where President Nancy states that she “prays for Trump” However, this statement seems to bother the head leader of the American nation.

I don’t like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong. I don’t like when people say, ‘I pray for you’ when that’s not so…” Trump said in a possible reference to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Later Thursday morning, Pelosi responded to Trump’s comments by saying that his prayer for the president is true,

I don’t know what the president understands but we do pray and I pray hard for him so he can say whatever he wants,” she said.

The exhortation that made them reflect

But the one who gave a true lesson about unconditional love was the main speaker of this year’s Prayer Breakfast, the Christian writer Arthur Brooks. During his speech, he talked about the examples Jesus gave in loving.

«I’m a follower of Jesus—the Jesus who taught each of us to love God and who taught us to love each other. The biggest crisis facing our nation … is the crisis of contempt and polarization that’s tearing our societies apart,” he said to the audience.

Citing biblical verses like Matthew 5:43-44, Brooks preached to the crowd about the love of enemies and your persecutors, “You have heard that it was said, ‘love your neighbor and hate your enemy,’ but I tell you ‘love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,” he said.

«I want it to be personal for you on this day. Let me ask you this: How many of you love someone with whom you disagree politically? Do you feel comfortable listening to someone insult that person you love? Make it personal, my friends, ”he added.

Using these words, he made all the attendees reflect on what is really affecting society: the contempt and hatred of one another. Brooks tried to leave everyone as a task, the act of loving against what human nature wants to be able to follow the teachings of Jesus.

This is the opportunity, our national healing begins,” he ended with the worship “Peace of God in the voice of Cece Winans.


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