Trump announces public-private partnership to develop Covid-19 vaccine “by the end of the year

Donald Trump has announced a public-private partnership to develop a vaccine against Covid-19 as part of the so-called “Warp Speed” operation, it is expected to be ready by the end of the year.

U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House, May 15, 2020

“This is an endeavor unlike anything our country has seen since the Manhattan Project…No one has seen anything like we’re doing now within our country since the second world war. Incredible,” Trump said in introducing “Operation Warp Speed.”

Trump also revealed that the government and private companies have been working to develop a vaccine since January.

“That means big and it means fast,” Trump said of the efforts. “It’s objective is to finish developing and then to manufacture and distribute a proven coronavirus vaccine…prior to the end of the year. I think we’re going to have some very good results coming out very quickly.”

“We are preparing assuming that we will have, relatively in the near future, a vaccine,” the president said. “Our task is so urgent that the federal government will invest in the manufacture of all the major vaccine candidates before they are approved.”

The president said Saturday “will mark 30 days since we released the White House guidelines for a safe and phased opening of America.”

“We’re going to have an amazing year next year and a great transition into the fourth quarter,” Trump said.

The president went on to discuss an “essential pillar” of the re-opening strategy, which he said is the “development of treatments and vaccines as quickly as possible.”

“Very quickly,” Trump said. “When I say quickly, we’re looking to get it by the end of the year if we can. Maybe before. We’re doing tremendously well.”

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