Transsexual woman named “pastor” in Baptist church


At the Wake Forest University School of Divinity, North Carolina, a transsexual woman will become a reverend in a worship service.

Transsexual woman named “pastor” in Baptist church
Transsexual woman named “pastor” in Baptist church

Erica Saunders, 24, will be one of the first openly trans individuals to be ordained by a Baptist church in the United States.

Saunders, a ministry intern at Wake Forest Baptist Church who began her transition during her first year of seminary, introduces herself on social media as “probably the only bi, trans, Baptist preacher lady you know.”

Although Saunders posted her point of view this week on Twitter, saying “Trans folks exist,. “God created us just the way we are, and God calls us good. Unfortunately, being trans means I’m not welcome in most churches as a visitor, let alone a leader. But we are Christians. We are called.”; many people refuse this decision for being against Bible principles.

Wake Forest Baptist Church is an independent congregation not affiliated with Wake Forest University, but it joined the historically Baptist school in relocation to Winston-Salem in 1956. The original campus in Wake Forest, North Carolina, became home to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, one of six seminaries owned by the Southern Baptist Convention.


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