During tough time in Christine D´Clario´s life, Redimi2 raised a touching prayer


The Christian singer Redimi2 during the tour of the Christian singer Christine D´Clario “Emmanuel Tour”, has dedicated a powerful and touching prayer for her in the midst of the performance they both had in Dominican Republic.

Redimi2 prays for Christine D Clario

A prayer was raised on the favor of the singer that had been dealing with Postpartum depression.

Due to a miracle, Christine D´Clario could conceived, and although she had an excellent pregnancy, during delivery, her baby and her were about to die. That event caused a trauma in her life in which she has been battling with different kinds of emotions for months.

Anguish with no apparent reasons, sadness, and culpability for not leaving behind frustrating memories of the past took part in her life. It got even worse because she did not talk to anybody about this problem. The combination of hormones and chemical reactions mixed with her past experiences producing bad results.

In many interviews she said that the best way to fight the feeling of guilt was remembering that there is no condemnation in God. The lack of happiness she had for not being able to take care of her children made her feel shame, but the unfailing love of God made her understand that she was the chosen to be the mom of those babies she wanted to have.

D´Clario knew she needed help to get out of depression, so she spoke up declaring that everything is possible with God. For that reason, Redimi2 raised his voice in prayer for God continues helping her.

“From today on, I declare a time of before and after. From Dominican Republic, we declare that from now on what is going to happen in the life of one of the most influential woman of the world will be greater in the name of Jesus, because she sings to Jesus. Jesus, thank you for Christine´s life, and for all what she has blessed us. Thank you for her husband, thank you for her beautiful babies. Thank you because this is just beginning. Lord, from now we stop all the plans of the enemy that want to steal the blessing of a beautiful and happy moment. Thank you because I haven´t known a warrior like her who has gone through difficulties and keeps establishing your kingdom everywhere of the world; renew her strengths. Better days of Christine D´ Clario start today” He said in prayer.

After the prayer he gave her a hug while the song “El nombre de Jesus” was playing.



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