TOUCHING: Elderly couple married for 53 years die from covid-19 holding hands

With 50 minutes apart, an elderly couple died of Coronavirus infection in a Texas hospital; both died holding hands.

They both knew that their time to leave had arrived.

At a hospital in Fort Worth , 79-year-old Curtis Tapley and his 80-year-old wife Betty were admitted. They both died from being infected with Covid-19.

Curtis Tarpley, 79, and his wife Betty, 80, died last week at the Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital after brief battles with the virus, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

Their son said that his mother was the first to register the symptoms a few weeks ago but they believed it was a sinus infection or a toothache.

“It’s pretty romantic,” Tim Tarpley said, making referefence to the way they died holding hands.

Both Tim and his sister Tricia expressed that they knew that their time for their parents to go had arrived.

“My mother always said she didn’t want to live to be 100 and she very much believed this world was temporary and it was a stop on going off to a better place,” Tricia told the newspaper. “She knew something better was coming and she was fine with that.”

The attention that the couple received during their stay in the hospital was very generous, because knowing their prognosis, the nurses moved them to a single room so that they could spend more time together while holding hands.

“His mother and daddy, thanks to the nurses at the hospital, brought his father into the room with his mother. And his mother and father died holding hands after 51 years (sic) of marriage. And they died 50 minutes apart,” Price, the mayor of the town said in a video message.

“I think those nurses are to be commended and they are just a great example of what happens. And aren’t we blessed that they were able to have that and that Tim and his sister were able to have the closure that their parents were together even on the heels of a tragic loss like that from COVID?”

Currently, Texas registers more than 5,000 new Covid-19 cases; Governor urged the population to stay home.

Source: The Christian Post

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