To win the lottery, two men slaughtered four people in a satanic ritual


A cult of devil worshippers slaughtered four people and dismembered their bodies to build a satanic altar they thought would help them win the lottery.

Two men were arrested for being involved in a black magic ritual in Iguatu, inside Ceará, according to delegate Jerffison Pereira. The Civil Police investigates whether two other people are involved in the “macabre practice” that resulted in the death of four people. Their 17-year-old accomplice, Samio Bessa, committed suicide before police could arrest him.

They decapitated and dismembered the bodies of three men and one women before using the parts to invoke the devil during macabre rituals that included drinking a victim’s blood. The victims’ grim remains were found in shallow graves in the house and garden.

Detective Marcos Lira said: ‘All the victims were tortured with stabbings, burns to their body and beatings before being killed in the same way, with a cloth placed over their heads then shot twice in the back of the neck and side of the head.

A .38 calibre revolver and spent cartridges were found in the house, which locals called the ‘house of death’. ‘The accused claimed these rituals were meant to summon the devil because they believed human sacrifices would help to improve their lives and change their fortunes since they had always been unlucky and poor,’ explained Detective Lira.

Gleudson Barros, 30, and Roberto Alves, 41, who are in custody awaiting trial, allegedly told police they would have killed more if they weren’t caught.

‘They were convinced their actions would help them win millions of (dollars) from the mega lottery, give them immeasurable power over people and dominance over any woman they desired.

Detectives confirmed the victims’ identities through DNA tests and concluded, in an official report last Thursday, that the deaths were linked to the cult. Police also released new images of the gruesome discoveries of the bodies identified as Francisco Lima, 41, Jheyderson de Oliveira, 24, Mikael Melo, 18 and Jaqueline da Silva, 17, showing the house where the rituals took place and the shallow graves where the corpses were buried.

The suspects, described by cops as ‘psychopathic serial killers’, had apparently planned to execute more than four people but their murderous motives were discovered after friends of one of the victims raised the alarm following his mysterious disappearance.

The victim’s remains were found inside the house in north-east Brazil

The body of the female victim was discovered buried in the two bedroom house in a pit located in a small dirt-floor room. The left hand had been severed and was found doused in thick salt stored in a pot.

The other teenage casualty was allegedly decapitated after being slaughtered. His skull was found set in a slab of concrete embedded with chains surrounded by a ring of protruding bolts. The grisly specimen was allegedly arranged on an altar alongside satanic-related sculptures and ‘objects and books linked to practising black magic rituals.’

A hand of one of the victims was found in the macabre house

Worried classmates of one of the victims, who was studying social work at Ceara’s Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology, reported him missing after he failed to turn up to lectures for five days. Colleagues told police Jhey knew one of the suspects and had spoken about meeting up with Barros, to go to a party. Barros initially denied knowing the victim but investigators found CCV footage of Barros walking with the victim on the day of his disappearance.


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