“To look like a snake,” Young woman has undergone 52 modifications to her body


Better known on social networks as “Blue Eyes White Dragon”, her real name is Amber Luke, her photos have become viral because of the controversial 52 modifications she has made to her body. Tattoos, piercings, splitting her tongue in two, tattooing her eyes are some of the most shocking things.

She has risked going permanently blind after getting her eyeballs tattooed with blue ink

She is 23 years old, and her transformation began when she was only 16, since then she hasn’t stopped. She doesn’t mind being nicknamed a snake or some other animal, on the contrary, she points out that it adds an identity to her appearance.

“When I look at my before and after photos I look very simple, I hated the way I used to look. It was boring,” she told the Australian press. She also added that she wants to continue her transformation to look the way she wants to look.

Amber Luke antes de las cirugias
Amber Luke before surgeries. Looking at an old picture of herself, Amber said she thought she looked ‘plain’ and ‘boring’

Luke showed his followers pictures of how he looked before the modifications, phrases like “You were beautiful” and “You looked better before” predominated in the comments.

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