Thunderstorms in India leave more than 100 deaths in one day

An extreme thunderstorm struck India, leaving more than 100 dead in a single day amid an annual season of winds coming from Ecuador.

Thunderstorms in India leaves more than 100 dead in one day.

About 93 people were killed by a lightning in a very humble community in eastern Bihar state; 24 other people died due to the same event in another locality of the same country.

Authorities report that many more people who were at the scene of the event are injured.

Very common storm

This storm in India is quite common around these dates where monsoon rains last up to three months, from June to September approximately.

From the Bihar community, the Minister for Disaster Management, Lakshmeshwar Rai, said the site is a “very common toll” for this type of thunderstorm.

More than half of the deaths are reported to be from the northern and eastern Bihar district, which are prone to flooding.

No exact death toll

According to Minister Rai’s words, the death toll could increase because it is not known exactly how many have been affected by the lightning strikes.

The rains are still forecast to arrive in force during this weekend in the community; This according to information provided by the Indian Meteorological Department.

 In another affected locality called Uttar Pradesh, even more deaths were recorded in areas near the border with Nepal and the holy city of Parayagraj.

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, sent condolences and solidarity to the affected families; He said he is already working with state governments to help citizens.

Monsoon rain is crucial for the people of India, which helps replenish the water supply on-site and throughout South Asia; likewise, this causes thousands of deaths per year.

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