Thousands of Israelis protest in Jerusalem and call for the Prime Minister’s resignation due to increased cases

Israeli police arrested or detained at least 55 people in Jerusalem last night during mass protests against the nation’s prime minister.

International media report daily protests in Israel for political reasons.

About 4,000 people demonstrated outside Netanyahu’s residence to demand his resignation.

Those present cited their government’s mishandling of the current pandemic and various corruption charges against him.

The protests began on Thursday evening and were largely peaceful. The protesters held signs, waved Israeli flags, made loud noises and sang against the prime minister.

Another group gathered to protest police brutality and the murder of an unarmed Palestinian autistic man in May by an Israeli policeman.

The two pro- and anti-Netanyahu camps were separated by metal barricades.

Daily protests against the government

The police gave the demonstrators until 11 p.m. to demonstrate, then they had to leave because of city ordinances.

CBN News reports that because there were still hundreds of people at the site at 12:30, the authorities decided to get their hands on the matter by spraying water.

“We left the protest quietly, without violence… They told us we couldn’t disperse on the sidewalk, nor in the park. We headed down the street, but apparently not fast enough for them. They started spraying us from behind,” one demonstrator named Dekel told The Times of Israel.

Jerusalem has seen similar protests against Netanyahu almost every day, and the protesters promise to continue.

Earlier this year, Israel was praised for its response to the pandemic by imposing a general blockade that flattened an infection curve.

Because the restrictions were lifted early, cases reappeared and are now increasing. This is causing an uproar in the population; they blame the government for the situation.

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