This is the reason why Coronavirus has not reached Latin America at all

Since the end of 2019, Coronavirus (Covid-19) began to wreak havoc in many parts of the world, but why hasn’t it reached Latin America?

There are only two hypotheses, which one is true?

There are already different hypotheses of the “imaginary barrier” that is stopping the Covid-19 from entering Latin America and the Caribbean.

The first is because of the weather, several specialists in the case affirm that the tropical climate that this continent has is beneficial for the disease not to develop.

Can heat make us immune to coronavirus?

Most of the countries infected with the coronavirus belong to Europe and Asia. They both have a very cold climate. It is possible that this same characteristic makes the virus activate even faster.

Heat is an important source of destruction of pathogens since it causes many of them to not withstand temperatures above 55 ° C. They degrade even more when the temperature rises.

However, the Pan American Health Organization warns what heat and warmth of the continent can keep the virus away, but it does not make it immune to possible contagion.

No country is protected by the weather or anything else. We can all receive a person who comes with the virus, ”said Dr. Jarbas Barbosa, deputy director of PAHO.

5 countries on alert to any case of infection

The countries in Latin America have taken measures on the case. Those go from ranging from the constant checking of the temperature of the airports to banning the arrival of Chinese passengers to their countries.

The first countries to report strong suspicions of Covid-19 were Mexico and Colombia, because of their high flow of travelers. Some of them having specific symptoms, but tests confirmed otherwise.

It is followed by Brazil, with 6 suspicions cases in total. They are already in quarantine, and also Costa Rica and El Salvador. Only USA and Canada have confirmed true cases of infected people. Thay are Wuhan travelers or Chinese citizens returning from travel.

The real reason why there are no cases in Latin America

But for the main PAHO authorities, the reason goes beyond climate, since there are few countries that have economic agreements and exporters of merchandise, food, and others with China.

The explanation could be more related to the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean has less economic and tourism relations with China than others,” said Barbosa.

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