This is how China and South Korea beat Covid-19 in two months

The two countries hardest hit by Covid-19 today are recovering successfully and amazingly after all they have been through.

A combination of various measures achieved the decline of Covid-19 in both countries.
A combination of various measures achieved the decline of Covid-19 in both countries.

Thousands of deceased, infected and crowded hospitals is the crisis that China and then South Korea had to experience in the face of the Covid-19 outbreak.

On the one hand, China has already closed the doors of makeshift hospitals by discharging its last recovering patient, and now South Korea registers a great decrease in terms of contagion.

They went from registering 909 cases per day to 28 cases, registering the lowest detection since January when a contagion that seemed to have no end exploded.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 70% of the infected population in China are cured and working to control the epidemic entirely.

There are now several important reasons why China and Korea have managed to overcome the highest peak of the virus:

  • Immediate Quarantine Status: 750 million people were restricted, paralyzing commercial activity and demanding the use of masks.
  • Learning from other viruses: In 2015, MERS-CoV appeared, causing high rates of infection in the region, something never seen in South Korea.
  • Technology as its support: In China various apps detected the closest cases and according to the color, the device diagnosed the severity of the person.
  • Avoid panic: Companies produced their own items to fight the virus due to high user demand.

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  • Medical cooperation and union: Many learned about the cases in order to facilitate possible vaccines and treatments in addition to the voluntary participation of 40,000 doctors.
  • Quick answers with tests: Korea was able to verify damage already in China and acted quickly, performing up to 15,000 tests per day since the start of the outbreak.


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  • Trust in the authorities: Unlike China and some somewhat stringent measures, Korea was able to approach the situation with a bit of calm and more organization.

The key to the recovery of both countries is in the combination of all these measures adopted by the authorities, who have overcome the highest points of the outbreak and mortality rates, serving as an example for other countries that are going through this same situation.

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