The Vatican sets out its opposition to Israel’s annexation by seeking allies to stop the plans

The Vatican has set out its position with regard to the annexation of Israeli territory, rejecting the action and seeking allies who are of the same opinion to prevent this action.

The highest authority in the Vatican, Pope Francis.

In a statement by Vatican Secretary of State Callista Gingrich, he said that they are looking for “another way out”, so that both countries can live and coexist according to what has already been established.

“Israel and the State of Palestine have the right to exist and live in peace and security, within internationally recognized borders,” the Vatican said.

With a meeting between Gingrich, the Israeli ambassador Oren David, and the priest Pietro Parolin, they reached this conclusion of “negativity” to the decision.

According to the portal Now The End Begins, Parolin, who is the Vatican’s main spokesman, secretly met with these people to express his “concern” about the possible unilateral war that is coming.

“There is concern on the part of the Holy See regarding possible unilateral actions that could endanger the search for peace between Israelis and Palestinians, as well as the delicate situation in the Middle East,” the portal quotes as Parolin’s statement.

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The Holy See also called on the Israeli and Palestinian people to stop the plan, citing “the resumption of negotiations between the two countries through the UN”, which would be putting their opposition to the measure.

The decision of the annexation has not yet been made due to a delay by the US and Israel.

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