“The sky opened” said witnesses of natural phenomenon in Taiwan

An intense and uncommon rain left many of Taiwan citizens amazed and scared, due to this particular rain fell down only in one spot of the locality, leaving the rest of the streets completely dry.

“The sky opened” said witnesses of natural phenomenon in Taiwan

Chiayi in Taiwán was the place where this natural phenomenon was registered. It was compared to “waterfall”. People said it was astonished watching such as huge thing only on a specific side of the city.

Different users of social media shared pictures of the phenomenon leaving descriptions that read the following:

“The sky is opened and it needs to be filled with earth”

“The legendary mountain of flower and fruits is now the cavern of the curtain of water”

Residents rushed to take pictures of the event. Meteorological Research Center explained this event is produced due to a vertical air movement during summer and it is a short lasting phenomenon because it disappears less than half an hour.

The same way the center explained that this strange rain will last from June 11- June 14; and it will move from north to south all over Taiwan.

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