‘The religion of prostitution’ The JuJu practice of black magic that terrorizes Nigeria


An occult practice known in Nigeria as Juju is used to enslave the women and girls of that country to prostitution in Asia and Europe by a group of mobsters devoted to that religion. This rite comes from voodoo.

Nigerian black magic(Juju) Used For Trapping Women Into Prostitution

Women are deceived with false proposals for work in other continents and when these women arrive to that country, they are forced  into prostitution. In Nigeria, they take samples of their nails or pubic hair and offer them in animal sacrifices. The bosses of these mafias, or rather the pimps, keep these samples in jars along with the ashes of the ritual to ensure that the covenant is fulfilled.

If any woman breaks the “eternal” covenant, her life and family members are doomed. This ancestral belief, has as a particularity to instill fear and terror to those who witness it.

Some women realize that they were really tricked into prostitution, and want to return to their homes, apart from being threatened with the curse, they also charge for the trip and all they have spent in the process which is about 50 to 60,000 euros.

This practice is originally from Africa, moving to American countries, being in Nigeria in the most relevant point of the continent for this satanic belief. It is estimated that some 30,000 girls live enslaved to a priesthood-fetish as sexual objects under the pretext that such an act calms the spirits.

Each ritual, act is combined with dances and amulets typical of JuJu.

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