«The Pope may be Argentinian, but God is Brazilian» Bolsonaro responds to the Pope’s exhortation

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, responded this Thursday to Pope Francis when referring to the Amazon State; «Pope Francis may be Argentinian, but God is Brazilian,» The president of Brazil said.

President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro and Pope Francis

The Brazilian president affirmed that many put their eyes on the fires produced in Brazil, but “nobody talks about Australia“, where fires recently caused also an environmental catastrophe.

Bolsonaro’s statements come after the Vatican’s publication calling for a Church with an Amazonian face.

In the document released on Wednesday, Francisco highlighted the importance of the Amazon for the world, as well as its biodiversity and the communities that live there. Besides, he called attention to the political class, asking for the “responsibility of national governments.”

The Pope affirmed that residents should be well informed about the projects planned in the area, besides, the need for having “a regulatory system with impassable limits.



“What is that Greenpeace garbage?”

Bolsonaro hardly criticized Greenpeace, which is a non-governmental environmental organization with offices in many countries, «Who is Greenpeace? What is this garbage called Greenpeace? This is garbage».

This NGO expressed repeated criticism against the president of Brazil. In one of their latest publications, the organization wrote: “Bolsonaro wants to end the Amazon.”

According to Greenpeace, a bill promoted by the Executive “specified the release of mines, hydroelectric dams and even the exploration of oil and natural gas in indigenous lands.

Among other questionings, the NGO also repudiated the role of the National Council for the Amazon, created in mid-January. According to their point of view, the entity would not have the budget or a defined plan to limit the negative impact in the environment.


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