The man who said “I am God” now proclaims “Jesus is King” becomes a worldwide trend

Kanye West’s faith in God has led him to be a worldwide trend since he went from saying “I am God” to “Jesus is King.”

In his previous style and career, some people perceived West with a self-centered personality.

In his song “I am God“, a self-proclamation is evident. This song obtained good criticism. It got to number 1 when released.

However, years later, after an encounter with God that changed his life forever, he seems to be a new person. He doesn´t talk about himself the way he used to, he just has words to glorify the name of Jesus.

The change that God made in him is unbelievable

The conversion of this wild artist has amazed many around the world. Every day it is more and more evident that he is letting God change his life.

“He is a newborn Christian,” his wife Kim Kardashian said this statement to the media making reference that she supports his decision unconditionally.

He put an end to his secular music career. His new album “Jesus is King” marked a before and after both in his life and in his career as a musician because with the production of this album he decided to put an end to “years of secular music.”

 “Jesus is King” is a mega-production. Jesus is the center of this album. The rapper focuses on worshiping God through adapted psalms.

He is also a Christian influencer sharing words of encouragement for believers based on their own experiences with the Lord.

But Kanye himself knows that a regular percentage of Christians will be the first to attack him for his “radical change” and “his faith,” as expressed in his song “Hands-On.”

“I said that I would finally make a gospel album /“ And what have the Christians told you? ”/ They will be the first to judge me, they will make me feel that nobody loves me,” he sings

«Kanye is a Christian»

Many have been skeptical of his conversion due to his chaotic past, which includes pornography and violent encounters with the media.

But ignoring all that, West continues to exalt God through music. Now, he is being recognized by prestigious media as “a Christian.”

And even if they express that he will not be able to bear the weight of Christian life, the singer continues the race knowing that there is already one that carried all our burdens.

«But he was wounded for our rebellions, ground for our sins; the punishment of our peace was upon him, and by his wounds we were healed »- Isaiah 53: 5


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