“The Bible bus”: The new way for teaching children. What is it about?

Going to school doesn’t have to be boring. And thinking about that issue the project “Bible Release – Time Education Association of Kentucky” has come up with the idea of creating a special bus that has been retrofitted into a portable classroom for teaching the Bible to children.

The Bible bus – The new way for teaching children

The Bible bus is a strategy that is bringing revolution in teaching Bible truths to children. It is taking place in southeastern Kentucky’s BREAK ministry and many churches are collaborating together.

It works the following way: The big blue-and-white bus pulls in front of a public elementary school and children come out and step aboard where they learned Bible truths during the past school year.

Central Baptist pastor Chad Fugitt said “It’s a tremendous ministry. We support them out of our budget. It has been a blessing for our church to be involved with them. A lot of our people are volunteering.”

Central Baptist children’s pastor Josh Pollitt is one of the teachers and a BREAK board member.

“Here’s our children’s pastor and he’s connecting with a lot of kids that would never come to church,” Fugitt said. “Their parents are not going to bring them to church, but they will let them go to the BREAK ministry.”



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