Terrorist attack near Jerusalem is thwarted by Israeli soldiers

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) maintain an outpost at the Governor’s home in Abu Dis and the soldiers of the Benjamin Battalion were watching from an ambush to ensure his safety.

 Soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces.

IDF soldiers recently thwarted a terrorist attack in eastern Jerusalem, near Abu Dis.

According to the defense agency spokesman, it all happened on Friday night when three Palestinian guerrillas tried to use a firebomb against members of the Force.

The IDF maintains an outpost at the Governor’s home in Abu Dis; and the troops of the regional Benjamin battalion were observing the ambush in order to guarantee his safety.

They managed to uncover the three Palestinian terrorists and opened fire on them before the attack progressed.

The criminals were injured, and the Red Crescent is currently providing them with medical assistance.

It should be noted that no soldier belonging to the Defense Forces was injured during the incident.

The makeshift pipeline bombs found in a car in Abu Dis, ready to use.
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